Monday, June 6, 2016

GigaByte GA-8I915PMD Bios

Here is the newest Bios file for the GigaByte motherboard GA-8I915PMD only, already in a .iso format (when unzipped), ready to be burned to CD. 

Again this is for the above mentioned motherboard only, do not use this unless you are absolutely sure your motherboard has the same exact name. 

g a eight i nine one five p m d 


Download this file, unzip it, burn it like any other .iso to a CD, and boot it from the computer that has the GigaByte motherboard GA8I915pmd. 

Also only do this if you absolutely need to, e.g. motherboard not booting fully or any other issue that a bios update could fix. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Benchmarking 32GB Sandisk Extreme 3.0 USB on Ubuntu

Below you can find some quick benchmarks of the Sandisk Extreme 32GB USB 3.0 thumb drive. 

100 samples at 10MB a piece

Average read of 213 MB/s

Average write of 91 MB/s

10 samples at 100MB

Average read of 219 MB/s

Average write of 113 MB/s

1000 1MB samples

Average read of 184 MB/s

Average write of 48.7 MB/s


The 32GB version cost me only £24 which is £0.73 a GB. I don't have any other USB 3.0 drives so I can't say how this compares but I can say I won't need any other thumb drive any time soon. For the purposes I have this drive wins hands down. Turing the Sandisk Extreme 32GB into a multiboot live USB was incredible fast and easy and installing a distro took about 5 minutes each. If your looking for a speedy USB 3.0 thumb drive then I can honestly say look no further.

Please don't expect fast speeds if you have a slow fragmented HDD and/or use it in a USB 2.0 slot. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Viewnior 1.4 deb package for Ubuntu 14.04 ----- 32 and 64bit

UPDATE - Jun 6 2016 - The below is outdated. There are now official builds of viewnior for Ubuntu which can be found here.


Below is the download link you can use to find the pre-compiled Viewnior deb package. I made this deb by using checkinstall.


Download Viewnior 64bit Here!

Download Viewnior 32bit Here!

Don't trust me? Just want to build Viewnior 1.4 from source for yourself? Follow the directions here but first make sure you install all the dependencies.

  • sudo apt-get install -y libexiv2-dev exiv2 libgtk2.0-dev intltool checkinstall build-essential 

In order to make a deb file yourself, follow the directions found in the link above, however when you reach the step where it says "sudo make install" instead type "sudo checkinstall" and follow the prompts. Afterwards you will find the .deb file in the Viewnior source folder which is located wherever you extracted it. 

Let me know in the comments below if this deb works for the operating system you use, it will make it easier for others as well.