Monday, June 6, 2016

GigaByte GA-8I915PMD Bios

Here is the newest Bios file for the GigaByte motherboard GA-8I915PMD only, already in a .iso format (when unzipped), ready to be burned to CD. 

Again this is for the above mentioned motherboard only, do not use this unless you are absolutely sure your motherboard has the same exact name. 

g a eight i nine one five p m d 


Download this file, unzip it, burn it like any other .iso to a CD, and boot it from the computer that has the GigaByte motherboard GA8I915pmd. 

Also only do this if you absolutely need to, e.g. motherboard not booting fully or any other issue that a bios update could fix. 

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  1. Hello
    Can you tell me what version number this BIOS update is please?