Saturday, May 14, 2011

Invaderation! Free & open source SFML game to play!


Update - November 16th, 2013: I have cleaned the code up considerably and added some new features, as well as fixed some bugs. Enjoy!

This is a game made mostly by me with some bug fixing help from my brother. (Special thanks to him for that.)

It's very simple to play & easy to learn from. If you need some simple code to help you with your game idea then have a look a this code.

How to Play:

The spinning cursor follows your mouse, you need to touch the enemies with the cursor before they get to the other side of wherever they started and knock off your lives. 

For your disposal is a black hole that you deploy using the space key.

You have 3 lives with endless play time.

This was made on Ubuntu 10.04 but should work on any platform if built from the source.

You will need SFML 1.5 or 1.6 in order to build and play it.

I made a blog detailing exactly what to do in order to compile this game. You can find it HERE.

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