Monday, September 20, 2010


So here I was, cruising the internets like so many others, without virus protection.

Then this message popped up:
" Hello Sir/Madam did you know you were infected with a virus? A new breed of virus actually. I won't steal anything from you, slow you down, or harm your computer in any way.

I'm going to help you. 

You see I was made by someone who was tired of watching those redundant commercials for virus removal. They're on because of ignorant folk, like yourself, who do nothing to protect your computers.

So I have downloaded and installed many programs on my own because you haven't. 

These programs I downloaded will stop me, and my nasty friends, from hiding inside your computer. Also I have done some housekeeping and applied quite a few tweaks to your computer so you should see a *noticeable* improvement.

Next time however you may not be so lucky to be infected with an awesome virus, so stay up to date and learn to fend for yourself in this virus riddled land.  "
Now that is what I call an awesome virus, now if only someone could make one....

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